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Posted by: Cosmos - January 5 5:53PM - 2010

Wow, it has been a really long time since this site was last updated. Thanks for everyone's patience. The entire site has had an overhaul. I updated by adding my new AMV to the AMV section and more noticably added sections for LucuLucu and Snoopycool Manga. Since Snoopy has gone missing again, I will be posting some of the series the rest of the staff is still working on here, until he returns. Please check back from time to time to see what has been added and updated. For now, the rest of the LucuLucu series (volumes 8 through 10) are available for download here as well as chapter 3 of HelenESP and chapter 8 of Sumire 17!! with more to come. You can still find direct downloads of earlier chapters on the Snoopycool website.

'Till next update.

Posted by: Cosmos - November 13 11:53AM - 2008

It appears the due to my inability to read (or trust in advertisers, haha) google deleted my account with them because I mentioned in an update that it would help us if you clicked the ads. I re-read through their "policy" (which I read 2+ years ago when I first signed up for the account, it wasn't in there then) and that's basically what it says. You are not even allowed to mention the ads are there, what bullcrap. Guess I'm just used to being "affiliated" instead of "advertising" where we ENCOURAGE people to pay attention to things that can help them out and help us out in the mean time as well. Whatever, all ads are gone now. I can, without penalty, encourage you to donate and to help out by possibly using our web host as your own as well. They have some great hosting (I have NEVER been bugged about bandwidth or anything, which we use a lot of), great stat/usage counters and everything. At that, if you sign up for even just a monthly account they help us out with $50 per referral bonus. With just a few new accounts, it can pay for all our costs for one year or more. Please think about it if you're looking for a good web host. Of course, there is also the straight donation link over there from paypal and I am still up for art commissions if you have any interest in unique art. I plan to update this site shortly with some HQ wallpapers and a store for my art for sale (with new art added). Please check back soon, thanks!

Posted by: Cosmos - May 16th 9:37PM - 2008

So, in preparation for Animazement 2008, I have updated my foils gallery. This is everything I have made as far as maller 4x6 (or 5x7's depended on which picture exactly) goes and the standard 8x10's as well. I also have plenty of bookmarks and some 11x14's I don't have time to update with right now. So, if there's something you're interested in or if you would like to see everything I have, please email me before Animazement so we can arrange that. I am also posting in the Animazement forums the pieces that will be going straight into auction. As of right now I do not have an Artist Alley table confirmed, but will be able to get in if anyone doesn't show up. Thanks!

Posted by: Cosmos - December 20th 6:19pm

Well, my web server that I had been with for over three years now suddenly vanished. After a few weeks of downtime, we are back though! Our new server is Host Gator, they seem to be awesome so far. Got everything back online in a matter of minutes from ordering. If you're looking for a web host, please click on that link and give them a try (it helps support our site here too). I've updated the foil and art commissions sections to reflect the most recent things I have and an order form for requesting commissions! Enjoy!

Posted by: Cosmos - December 20th 6:19pm

Wow, this layout took me FOREVER to make and update. o.o ...Guess that's what happens when you don't do any site maintenence in about a year, nya? Anyways, everything is updated and as far as I know, working properly. I'm still in middle of updating Watase's Sorai though. I'm also planning to open a Scans section when I get around to scanning some things. I added the Art Sale and Art Commission sections as well, I had an art commission I was doing for someone from AnimeUSA, if you're reading this, please e-mail me! I don't have your information. Also, I am lookng for affiliates, if you want to be added, then just let me know, as soon as you put my link up, I'll add you as well... oh, and if the one person that e-mailed be for an affiliation is reading this, please e-mail me, I lost your e-mail, gomen! ^^; Hope you all enjoy the new content! ^^

Posted by: Cosmos - May 9th 9:12am

Yeah, I'm still neglecting this poor website of mine... I opened up a new section though, please check it out! I am now making commissioned artwork (with a twist ^^) ...Be sure to check out the new section of this site by clicking here or visiting the nav. bar above. Be sure to get your own unique piece of art today.